Squirrel Trapping in Oxford, MS

Local wildlife is a beautiful part of any location, and this is especially true for the pristine land of Oxford, MS. Unfortunately, however, when humans and animals try to coexist in a small area, problems can arise for both sides.

If you have a problem with pests like squirrels and need humane squirrel trapping services in the Oxford, MS, area, call Wildlife Resolutions now!

Mike Merchant has been trapping in the area for over 30 years, so he knows how to deal with even the peskiest of pests, such as squirrels. These rapscallions are famous for outwitting just about every kind of birdfeed protector man has yet devised, but the damage they can do doesn’t end there.

Squirrels can damage your yard and garden, chew through important wiring, and even nest in your attic if they are given the chance. But with Mike’s help, all of those squirrel problems will quickly become worries of the past.

Safe, Humane Pest Relocation

Unlike many other pest control providers, Mike is licensed to manage, remove, and relocate wildlife of various sorts, squirrels included. Using his years of experience and thorough knowledge of the local animals, Mike will safely deal with the pests menacing your property. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the animals are being treated humanely as well.

Since establishing Wildlife Resolutions in 2009, Mike has been dedicated to providing its clients with the pest and wildlife nuisance relief they require. No matter your situation, Mike has probably seen it already and helped people just like you get back to their happy, pest-free lives.

For more information about squirrel trapping, or any of the other services Wildlife Resolutions offers, call Mike at 622-832-WILD (9453), or you can contact him at wildliferesolutions@yahoo.com. Don’t let a minor pest problem linger and become a big infestation—get in touch today!