Expert Raccoon Removal in Oxford, MS

You want to be kind to animals, but you also don’t want pests to disturb your peace. If you routinely wake up to find your trash cans rifled through or your trees covered in scratches, the culprit is likely one or more raccoons.

Among pesky animals, raccoons have particular notoriety due to their skill in getting food through irritating means such as opening and upending garbage cans. Raccoons are intelligent, inquisitive, and good at climbing, so they are hard to catch even when you can tell where they live.

Health Concerns

However, your family, including your pets, are in danger if you have raccoons living in your attic or elsewhere on your property. Raccoon urine and feces can carry diseases such as raccoon roundworm, a potentially fatal disease that can be contracted when a person or animal breathes in roundworm eggs.

Furthermore, if a raccoon comes in contact with a person or pet, the raccoon may bite or scratch, possibly giving a child or a pet a disease such as rabies.

Because raccoons can be aggressive, you don’t want to try to remove them on your own. Unfortunately, raccoons are also unlikely to move away from your Oxford, MS, home or business on their own. To resolve your pest problem, you need to call Wildlife Resolutions for raccoon removal.

Humane Treatment

While raccoons can be annoying, they’re just trying to live and get food, not to inconvenience you or endanger your family. Wildlife Resolutions has a passion for understanding animals as we interact with them, so we don’t just target and kill pests. Our raccoon trapping methods are both safe and humane, allowing you to live comfortably without waging war on Mother Nature.

After we trap the raccoons tormenting you, we’ll relocate them to a location where they won’t be a nuisance.

Expert Trapping

Wildlife Resolutions serves nearly everyone, including homeowners. The commercial properties we work on include lawn and landscaping properties, agricultural locations, and government agencies such as municipalities.

We approach our work with the highest levels of professionalism. We respond to requests quickly and provide top-notch customer service. When we arrive, we’ll trap the raccoons on your property quickly and humanely without endangering your family members, employees, or clients.

You can trust Wildlife Resolutions to take care of everyone involved in a squabble between wildlife and humans. Give us a call at 662-832-WILD (9453). We look forward to serving you.